How much will it cost to apply for a trademark registration in China using your service?

Each application has to be individually evaluated and quoted however as a ballpark figure a single trademark registration in a single class (without any complications) starts at $2500.

Exporters may be eligible to get up to 50% reimbursed through the government EMDG scheme.

How long will it take to get my trademark in China?

For a straightforward application without any objections it can take 10-12 months. For more complicated applications or if any objections are filed to the application it can take much longer.

I'm not planning to sell in China anytime soon so why do I need to worry about trademarks now?

In China the first person to file for a trademark wins so its important to plan ahead.

"Trademark squatting" is unfortunately common practice in China and due to the first-to-file trademark system there is a strong risk that your trademark can be registered by someone else who will can then act opportunistically to exploit and potentially harm your hard earned brand reputation.

I've heard that trademarks don't offer much protection in China so why bother?

The Chinese government is promoting a policy of domestic consumption and the authorities have become increasingly active on cracking down on patent and trademark infringements.

What if someone else has already registered a trademark for my brand?

The first stage of the trademark application process involves searching for existing registered trademarks. If an existing registration is found you will be notified.

There are several avenues you could pursue however the rules in China are strongly in favour of the first person to file the trademark application. We're not a law firm or legal adviser and we can't provide legal advice.We would recommend discussing your options with a reputable registered Australian Intellectual Property adviser.

Where can I get more information?

Please have a look at the information provided by IP Australia.

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